Sandali Bellogrado® is a family-run brand, born to promote the elegance and the real meaning of Made in Italy, carrying on the local tradition of handmade sandals, which were the icons of the Italian “Dolce Vita” during the Sixties. Our workshop is located in the heart of the Amalfi Coast: Amalfi town.

Sandali Bellogrado® takes ideas from the past, improving the quality and keeping high the standard of craftsmanship.



The sandals by Bellogrado® are elegant and precious,  thanks to a daily care of details, of handcrafting work and the use of prestigious material.

Beyond elegance and the esthetical beauty of the sandals, we focus especially on the comfort.

The choice of materials:

The high quality of our sandals is obtained from a careful manufacturing of the sole.

In this specific case we use real leather from the best tanneries from Tuscany.

The process:

Firstly, we cut the tuning and we shape the sole.

While the sole has been done, we start the process of making it softer, in order that the sole itself can be more comfortable. Thanks to this process, we avoid that the sole can be cracked within the years.

The seam:

In this step, several layers of leather are seamed one to the other, not waxed.

Final step:

In order to avoid a poor traction of the ground and to give sandals the highest comfort, we also add a rubber skid-proof application which we inject hot underneath the sole.

All sandals uppers are made with real veal leather and jewel decorations, created by hand, with Swarovski™ crystals e Preciosa® which guarantee full sparkle through time.

The presence of the small brass bolts certify that the product has been handmade and remind us the old traditions of the Capri handmade sandals.

Our sandals are made entirely by hand and using all made in Italy products.

Ho acquistato questi sandali comodi e bellissimi, esattamente come in foto curati nei minimi particolari. Ne acquisterò presto altri!


I've bought a pair last May for my friend's wedding. They are so so comfortable and precious. I'll definitely buy a new pair for this Summer... maybe 2!


Ho acquistato diverse paia di sandali, e sono rimasta sempre più che soddisfatta. Sono semplicemente incantevoli, stupendi, avere al piede un sandalo fatto su misura e personalizzato frutto del vero artigianato e dell 'eleganza made in Italy mi rende felice!!!! Bravi! Complimenti!!!

Tiziana Presutti

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